Securing the Jordanian Rivers and Dams

In an effort to develop the Rescue Capabilities of the Jordanian Civil Defense, the Jordanian Public Security Directorate acquired 14 new ASIS Heavy Duty Fully Inflatable Boats to improve the Security and the speed of the Rescue Response around the Dams and Rivers of Jordan.

Seven of those heavy duty fully inflatable boats were delivered at the end of October and the remaining seven will be delivered in December.

The commissioned FI are 5.85 meter in length and are built to military specifications, using heavy duty 1670 Dtex Polyamide CSM neoprene materials. The boats are certified to go out in sea state level 3 (WMO).

Each 5.85m heavy duty fully inflatable boats has 5 large air chambers and twin 7cm wide fenders that protect the inflatable tubes and diverts water away from the boat when it’s underway.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, the FI is foldable and can be rolled into a small stowed form fact. It has a heavy duty marine grade aluminium transom and the removable flooring is made of anodized aluminium.

The boat can carry up to ten divers with their equipments to perform any dive/ rescue operations, and is powered by a 25Hp Yamaha engine.

The ASIS Fully Inflatable Boat Range is built robust and tested to survive and endure all types of unforgiving conditions. Versatile and easy to deploy, they come in a number of sizes from 2.8 to 6 meter to meet your demand.

Why is Affiliate Marketing Better Than Network Marketing?

Are you considering joining an affiliate marketing network or a network marketing program? If you have already tried your hand at only one of these two types of marketing you would not know which is better; but if you have given a hand at both, you would definitely know.Affiliate marketing network is marketing in which a well-established business rewards the affiliate for each customer/visitor who has been brought to the business because of the affiliate’s marketing efforts. Network marketing (also known as Multi-level Marketing, direct selling, pyramid selling, referral marketing) is a system in which a marketing force is created by compensating promoters of the company and brand and also for the sales generated by the promoters introduced by them, creating a tree-like structure (better said, it would be a pyramid).Affiliate marketing network works when you are successful at selling products or services for a business. You will be paid a commission for each sale that you generate for the business. The commission differs from company to company. The only thing that you need to do here is to advertise or promote the products/services of the business. That’s your responsibility. The product that is now sold will be shipped by the owner of the product. The only part that you have to worry about is the sales part.Network marketing helps you make money not only on the sales that you make directly but also on the sales that your down line has generated. Unlike affiliate marketing network, this system has an appealing clause that you can make money while other people work. This makes it a popular business. Imagine that all the people in the pyramid think the same. Do you think any of them will make any money? The one who is at the top of the pyramid is the biggest loser!It might have sounded like network marketing is better than affiliate marketing network. Hold on. You’ve already seen the chain downfall just by wrong thinking on part of the pyramid members. Affiliate marketing does not work that way. While you get paid cash/compensation for each sale in affiliate marketing network, you will have to get points that will later be converted to cash in the networking realm. The profits are definitely higher in affiliate marketing. It does not depend on your ability to convince your friends and relatives and strangers to join the program, whereas, it depends on your efforts to market the products/services.

Direct Mail Printing Service

When opening up a new business you might find that you are quite busy, but without the demand of constant customer it is still cost effective to take care of all of your mailing needs by yourself. After time and a fortunate pick up in business it might be harder to find the time to complete your direct mailing on your own. Since your business can not afford to not advertise your products or services, it is still quite vital for your company to send out your mailing to customers and potential customers. Without utilizing such services your business will not grow to its full potential. So how do you go about sending those much needed letters and advertisements out without spending time that you and your staff does not have on such a project?

There is a simple solution to this dilemma; the answer is the use of direct mail printing services. Face the fact that it is a great thing to see your business grow, but that growth means that you have a lot fewer hours in the day to complete everything. When you use the direct mail printing services you are able to eliminate the need to find those few hours in the day that you can complete your mailing lists. Direct mail printing does everything for you. It doesn’t matter if you have a newsletter, postcard, magazine, self-mailers, or any other type of information that you wish mailed out. When you choose to use a direct mail printing service you no longer have to worry about having the documents printed and ready to be sent out. All you have to do is specify what it is you want done and a direct mail printing business will take care of all of the rest.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to spend more time focused on running your business and making and profit and less time on marketing and advertising? That is exactly what you can expect when you turn over all of time consuming printing and mailing out to those who specialize in it. No more worrying about getting incentives, discounts, or newsletters out in the mail before a specific date, all you have to do is focus on your business while all of the work is done for you.

If you have an idea of what you want to have printed for your business but are not quite sure about all of the specifics, direct mail printing is the perfect solution. When you enlist the services of direct mail printing you are having all of the designing, printing, and preparation of your mailing campaign taken care of for you. Especially with the prices that you have to pay for quality printing and mailing, such a service is beneficial for both time and cost reasons. With direct mail printing you are guaranteed to have quality prints sent out directly to all of your current and potential customers. Such a service saves you and your business time, money, and ensures that your marketing is being taken care of in a timely and professional manner.