Keep Restaurant Staff Safe with Personal Protective Equipment

PPE can help protect against many dangers in the workplace, including cuts and burns from hot cooking surfaces, slips and falls on wet floors, exposure to chemicals or allergens in food preparation areas, and much more.

PPE is an important tool in keeping restaurant staff safe. The most common types of personal protective equipment are things like gloves, aprons, ear protection and glasses. These are all good choices for protecting against injuries while you work, but it’s also worth noting that there are many other options available when it comes to choosing the right kind of protective gear. For example, if your employees were working with chemicals or cleaning solutions on a regular basis, they might need more than just simple rubber gloves; eye protection would be necessary as well so their eyes wouldn’t get damaged by any splashes or sprays. So whatever specific hazards your business may face due to food processing or preparation methods (or anything else), make sure you have access to whatever kind of personal protective equipment you need, and that your employees have the training they require to use it properly.

Personal Protective Equipment is designed to protect people from injuries while they work. It’s also worth noting that there are many other options available when it comes to choosing the right kind of protective gear for specific hazards in your business or industry.

Small Business Marketing Using Your Dog

I’m a dog lover. And my small business has profited immensely from this fact. How so? Well, it just so happens that my dog became the voice in my small business marketing for years, which drove my sales through the roof, even when the economy was sinking like the Titanic.

Can your dog help drive your business?

Can your beloved pooch be at the forefront of your direct response marketing?

Read this short article and decide for yourself.

Small Business Marketing Using Your Dog:

1. Do This And Your Dog’s Marketing Piece Will Bomb.

There’s a rule that says if your small business marketing is boring then you’ve got no chance of selling your audience. In fact, don’t think for a second you can bore your prospects into buying from you. It just ain’t gonna happen. And that’s where your dog can help. In fact, a clever thing to do with your dog is to simply make him or her the voice behind a majority of your marketing campaigns. Why does this work so well? Because right from the get go, this is entertaining to your audience.

2. Don’t Forget To Sell.

So you’re on board with using your dog to drive your marketing. Great. But don’t make the mistake of simply entertaining your prospects. That is not a good strategy either. In fact, your dog should also use proven direct response selling strategies in every marketing piece you send out. So while entertaining your prospects, your dog is also selling your audience on buying whatever it is that you sell.

3. Use Your Dog’s Personality.

What’ll keep your audience’s attention is the personality behind your dog’s voice. So if your dog is shy then let that voice be a bit shy. If your dog is a playful pup then be playful in your marketing. If your dog is a stoic leader then write a campaign that uses this theme. But whatever you do, make sure you allow your dog’s personality to shine through.

4. Write At A Simple Level.

Remember, your dog would not write and sound like you. So make sure to write your dog’s marketing campaign using very simple language that is geared at a 3rd grade level. This is not insulting to your readers. Just the opposite. In fact, your audience expects the language to be simpler since it’s coming from a dog.

So there you have it.

Four ways to pump up the results of your next small business marketing campaign using your dog.

Never be boring.

Make sure your dog sells.

Include your dog’s personality.

Write at a 3rd grade level.

A Cheap Marketing Solution for Political Campaigns, Non-Profits, and Small Businesses

Every Door Direct Mail Retail is a USPS cheap and effective direct mail marketing solution for targeting political campaigns, nonprofit organizations and businesses with affordable direct mail services. You can target local area mailings for only $.142 cents for each piece. EDDM Retail is a strategy that produces very high returns on a very small investment. It’s simple and easy to take advantage of this cheap direct mail service offered by your local post office. You don’t need bulk mail permits, mailing lists or address imprinting. You pick the zip codes, city or mile radius and quantity you want delivered. Your message will go to every residential address and business or just residential address in that zip codes, city or mile radius of your choice. 

Political campaigns and small businesses can regionally customize mailings to their ideal demographics at a small fraction of the traditional direct mail marketing costs.

The rules for the USPS service are simple and to your benefit so you will get noticed. The minimum size for each flat piece is 6.25 X 9 inches. You can choose larger standard sizes of 11 X 6.25,11 X 6.25, 8.5 X 11 or an 11 X 17 folded to 8.5 X 11 – all sizes cost the same $.142 cents ea to mail. These large sized postcards can be printed on a heavy postcard stock so they won’t get roughed up in the mail. The maximum weight for each piece is 3.3 oz. That’s more than any of these size full color postcards weigh when printed on medium weight 100 Lb. cover weight, heavy 14 Pt. or even extra heavy 16 Pt postcard stock. You can even mail catalogs, brochures or anything else as long as it meets the EDDM Retail “commercial flat” size and weight requirements. 

These mailbox billboard size cards make your message stand out and get noticed. They are a tremendous value. A 6.25 X 11 full color postcard is 300% larger than a standard 4 X 6 and $.09 cents cheaper. You can bulk mail to all homes and businesses in a mail carrier’s route. Since each zip code has many routes and each route contains about 300-600 homes and businesses, this allows you to reach many for a extremely reasonable cost.

This program is a direct mail marketer’s dream. Pick your zip code, select your best demographics in that zip code and you can map the carrier routes that best fit your target. To make this even easier, the USPS EDDM website will automatically generate the necessary paperwork for the mail clerk at the post office. Even better, you can omit all businesses and mail just to homes with your endorsement to “Local Residential Customer” in the address area of the card so the carrier will omit businesses in their route.

The maximum quantity allowed in the Every Door Direct Mail Retail program is 5,000 a day at any one post office. You can deliver to other post offices as long as you don’t exceed 5,000 to each. This is so the post offices are not overloaded with EDDM mail.

My advice to small and home businesses is don’t try to print your flyers or cards on your home color printer. The required card stock is too thick and will jam or break your printer, and the toner is too expensive considering the quantity you will need to print besides that the quality will be poor compared to many cheap online color printing services. 

The bottom line is that mailing lists are expensive and often not accurate, addressing is expensive and a hassle. Sorting is a pain, and the money you save in postage fees could help pay the rent or mortgage. 

With upcoming elections, EDDM Retail direct mail is a very effective, inexpensive campaign strategy that can be used often to keep voters, contributors and customers up to date and interested. It is perfect because you can use photos and tell your candidate’s story. It also can attract volunteers to help your campaign. The results are easily verifiable when the donation checks roll in and it’s not annoying and intrusive as robocalling. Online campaigning is important but the voter chooses to visit your site or your email never gets read. Ultimately you are preaching to the choir and have very little impact on independent and undecided voters. When you print an attractively designed saturation-mailing piece directed to a researched targeted district, it will be very effective and should produce voters you may not have considered as supporters.

Every Door Direct Mail is perfect for small businesses. It allows small businesses to get an incredible bang for their buck. It’s easy to target different areas and quickly see measurable results from each mailing. With the right offer and call to action, this is a fantastic opportunity to increase business quickly with new and regular customers.