Small Business Marketing Using Your Dog

I’m a dog lover. And my small business has profited immensely from this fact. How so? Well, it just so happens that my dog became the voice in my small business marketing for years, which drove my sales through the roof, even when the economy was sinking like the Titanic.

Can your dog help drive your business?

Can your beloved pooch be at the forefront of your direct response marketing?

Read this short article and decide for yourself.

Small Business Marketing Using Your Dog:

1. Do This And Your Dog’s Marketing Piece Will Bomb.

There’s a rule that says if your small business marketing is boring then you’ve got no chance of selling your audience. In fact, don’t think for a second you can bore your prospects into buying from you. It just ain’t gonna happen. And that’s where your dog can help. In fact, a clever thing to do with your dog is to simply make him or her the voice behind a majority of your marketing campaigns. Why does this work so well? Because right from the get go, this is entertaining to your audience.

2. Don’t Forget To Sell.

So you’re on board with using your dog to drive your marketing. Great. But don’t make the mistake of simply entertaining your prospects. That is not a good strategy either. In fact, your dog should also use proven direct response selling strategies in every marketing piece you send out. So while entertaining your prospects, your dog is also selling your audience on buying whatever it is that you sell.

3. Use Your Dog’s Personality.

What’ll keep your audience’s attention is the personality behind your dog’s voice. So if your dog is shy then let that voice be a bit shy. If your dog is a playful pup then be playful in your marketing. If your dog is a stoic leader then write a campaign that uses this theme. But whatever you do, make sure you allow your dog’s personality to shine through.

4. Write At A Simple Level.

Remember, your dog would not write and sound like you. So make sure to write your dog’s marketing campaign using very simple language that is geared at a 3rd grade level. This is not insulting to your readers. Just the opposite. In fact, your audience expects the language to be simpler since it’s coming from a dog.

So there you have it.

Four ways to pump up the results of your next small business marketing campaign using your dog.

Never be boring.

Make sure your dog sells.

Include your dog’s personality.

Write at a 3rd grade level.

3 How-To Tips to Measure Your Social Media Marketing Services

Success with social media marketing services hinges on effective budget allocation and marketing mix decision making. Practitioners and executives must be able to identify the marketing campaigns and assets that help drive the business’ top and bottom lines, and invest in and optimize them accordingly. This of course requires access to comprehensive, granular, and accurate web analytics data with which marketers can measure campaign performance and understand the complex website behaviors of prospects and customers.

Performance measurements should not occur solely within the confines of individual channels and campaigns. The best online marketers measure performance and ROI in a comprehensive view that comprises all online channels, be they new media, paid and natural search, email marketing, or display ads. That holistic perspective equips you with the insights needed to launch your best campaigns across the best channels based on the unique drivers of your business.

Marketers do recognize the need to better measure social media marketing performance. In fact, 81% of Senior marketers and Chief Marketing Officers hope in 2010 to measure social media investments by quantifiable, bottom-line data-by revenue, conversion, and average order value. That’s a change from a 2009 focus on such web-centric metrics as site traffic, page views, and numbers of fans.

Yet, analytics are still the biggest marketing challenge. CMOs say they need to know how to start measuring social media’s impact, how to understand who they’re reaching, and where social media fits within the overall marketing mix.

Success in online marketing requires having access to and continuous use of a robust analytics solution that can uncover the total impact that such investments make on the business. Such a solution must expose data that practitioners and executives care about; namely, the metrics that show how social media investments impact the business’ top and bottom line. The solution should allow marketers to compare new media ROI to the performance of mainstream online channels. The next section details the capabilities that reliable and comprehensive media analytics must have.

3 Keys to Measuring Your Social Media Marketing Services Success

Analytics helps marketers precisely measure the performance of all online marketing assets and campaigns that generate both direct and indirect traffic to the main website, and assess the ROI of social marketing against other online marketing channels. Keys to new media analytics success are the following capabilities:

  1. Attribute relative credit to social investments for influencing customer acquisition, persuasion, and conversion
  2. Compare the direct traffic generated by social media to direct traffic from campaigns of mainstream online channels Understand the total impact that social media investments have on the business from both direct traffic (click-through) and indirect traffic (view-through) perspectives
  3. Compare the view-through/click-through performance of social sites against other impression-based campaigns, such as syndicated video, blogs, microsites, and display ads Let’s look at each of these capabilities in more detail.

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If you are a business owner trying to understand the keys to improving your social media marketing, hiring a competent and credentialed Hubspot search engine marketing management consultant is one way to save you critical time and effort, which you could apply to furthering your vital business processes.

Direct Marketing Database: It’s An Asset

The true power of marketing lies on the idea of further expanding new ways you look at the customers’ information. How you use that information to persuade customers and do a purchase will give amazing results for your marketing strategy.

Database presents a lot of benefits, you’ll be able to save money and provide measurements on the performance of your marketing plans. If you have a database of all the customers information it would make it more accessible and easier to use. The key is to carefully outline the information so it serves well in future campaigns.

Direct marketing database implies that the list of contacts and direct marketing efforts is generated from a computer database within the company or is rented from an outside source. Most of the entries will be recorded in the database, as time progresses all the information will be recorded and compiled providing an even more complete picture of your customers buying habits.

Before preparing a marketing campaign any marketer should think of better ways to generate the list. Direct marketing database is one of the most valuable marketing assets for you to efficiently identify customers and win new sales for your business.

What are the things your database must have? What can a marketing database do to achieve business goals? It should be able to do the following:

Reach customers- Essentially database can make us more effective in reaching customers. This will give you the opportunity to contact more customers who will purchase and affect your business revenue.

Create highly targeted contacts- When you have a database, you’ll only find those customers interested in your specific products. You can also view the profile of the very people who will be interested in specific products and buy those products from you.

Track effectiveness- If a business database is properly set up it gives you the opportunity to monitor the effects of your strategies. You’ll better identify tactics that works better than others, you’ll be more effective in your future endeavors.

Cost effective- Marketing database allows you to focus more on establishing your target market, if you do that you have better chances of saving more money because you only get to contact only those people who have more probability of buying.

Database marketing provides a very powerful tool in reaching customers and generating leads for your business. The more a marketer knows about customers the better they are to market their products and services.

If you are more efficient in your direct mailing strategy it could potentially get closer to the real target audience. If it has more targeted list your list size will shrink, but so does your postage costs and your lead generating campaign will soar.

It is good to see that there will be an increase in the response rate of your marketing efforts because that correlates with increased sales and revenue.

You need to invest in the list, in the database of contacts. Most marketers would say that 50 % of the marketing success is in the list, the list of target audience. When you make the effort to restructure your database, you’ll get the most value for your marketing asset, and will make you more efficient in winning more sales.

Take the time to review and determine which company can help you achieve your dreams and business goals. Hire a company who can create that database for your business and see how it will help increase your future campaigns.