How To Use Pay Per Click To Predict The Success Of Your Online and Offline Marketing Efforts

Can You Use PPC To Predict The Success Of Your Online and Off-Line Marketing?

May 16th, 2006

It is true.

Any business with access to the Internet can predict the succcess of its online and offline marketing by using Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Actually there are

three major benefits to be gained using Pay-Per-Click To Enhance Your Total Marketing Program

The first benefit is to measure the power of certain marketing claims.

This power can be measured in two ways. First what is the market searching for? What is the competition saying? What new approach can you develop to stand out from the competitor and get more people to go to your website?
Now if you go on Yahoo, you’ll be able to see which keywords your prospective customers are using. You’ll know what they want and what they’re looking for. And you can bet that the same thing they’re searching for online is the same thing they want off-line…the need…the same benefits.

Also when you plug in the keywords in Yahoo search you can see what your COMPETITORS are saying. Pretty much they’re making the same claim. And because they’re all saying the same thing, the net visitors don’t pay attention to them anymore. Imagine that you go on Yahoo, you type Blood Pressure and 7 different websites tell you: “Lower Blood Pressure Naturally”. That is an interesting claim, but it has weakened as everybody starts using it.

Beat The Competition: Offer More Specifics

So now you know what your prospects are really looking for: the amount of searches a specific keyword generates, the claims of your competition. So now you can create a plan of ATTACK. How can you make different claims and attract the searchers.

What unique performance does your product give? What honest and totally different claims can you make? For example, I was doing some ads for blood pressure, I wrote : ” Can you lower high blood pressure by using your lungs?”. This is better than saying: “Lower your blood pressure naturally”. And each keyword that you select can be used to create a small ad.

Predict The Success of Your Online and Offline Marketing

And now we come to the second benefit of using Pay-Per-Click to predic the success of your online and off-line marketing.

So you know what the competitors are saying. You can either improve on what they’re saying by being more specific or by taking a totally different approach. If your improvement or new approach is not effective, you will know very easily: NO CLICKS.

If an ad based on a certain claim doesn’t receive clicks, it means it doesn’t interest searchers, and it is your job to change the ad. This way you can get rid of dull marketing messages online, but you also know that these claims won’t interest people off-line either. So if you were about to run a full-page magazine ad blazoning this claim, you’ll save yourself money by not creating an ad on this losing appeal.

A Yahoo Ad or Sponsored Link Is Like A Headline In a 5-Million Subscribers Magazines Or Newspaper

Now the third benefit of using Pay-per-Click advertising to predict the success of your online and off-line marketing is this.

As you test the small ads on the search engine, you can have similar headlines based on the same claims.

You see: your little ad on Yahoo or Google is like your headline in a big newspaper or magazine, a newspaper or magazines with millions of readers who want information, who have needs to solve. So if your Yahoo or Google ad stops them, then you have gained their attention, you must keep their attention to read your full story and order on the spot.

So Pay-Per-Click lets you know the winning appeal. When I write “The War Against Silent Hypertension: Can You Lower Your Blood Pressure Using Your Lungs?”, some people click. So I know that these people are looking for a natural treatment for their high blood pressure, and if only I can deliver on this question, they will read further and eventuallly order. And I am quite sure many companies are spending thousands of dollars on some “dull claims” that don’t make people stop and read.

If only businesses would stop and look at Pay-Per-Click as a testing tool, a natural testing tool, a more reliable testing tool, more reliable than focus group (where people say things to please you). Online people are in their privacy, and in front of the computer, all desires, all yearnings, all obsessions voice themselves in the form of keyword searches. People click because they’re interested. They read because they want the information, it important for them. They’re not reading to please you.

If only businesses could have this approach, they would stop wasting money on dull marketing messages, they would know beforehand their winning appeals so that when they go into newspaper advertising, they can spend their money on a certainty. Businesses would stop gambling their money on uncertain claims, too common claims.

Swans G Paul