How to Market Your Business – Inexpensive Tips and Methods to Get You Started

Viral Marketing. Why not give away a free informative ebook? If it is useful people will pass it on to friends and family. Put a few links in back to your website or blog and you will get people signing in for your free report or email newsletter when they visit your website.

List Building. Make sure you capture peoples email address with a sign in web-form at your blog or website. This way you can follow up with other offers and information to them. Remember 60% of customers say no five times before saying yes to an offer.

Pay Per Click Advertising. This is a good cheap way to get traffic quickly to your website. Keep your bids on key words low for a start until you find your feet. Try to think of key words phrases to use that people type into their browsers. Phrases starting with How To is a good start.

Article Marketing. A great free way to build your email list is article marketing. Write informative articles and list them on ezines such as EzineArticles. Remember to put a link in the resource box back to your website or blog and you will get plenty of free traffic in no time. Some good subjects to keep readers interested in are animals, babies, cars, entertainment, fashion, money, royalty, sex, sport, war and weddings.

Direct mail. Don’t forget direct mail. Make sure you rent out a good list of names from a reputable list broker. Write out your sales letter with all the benefits of your offer. The three most important things in direct mail promotions are, the quality of the list, the sales letter copy and the print quality.