How to Develop an Internet Network Marketing Recruiting System

This article is part 4 of 5 in a short series, which has been put together to show you how build massive amounts of leverage into your Network Marketing campaign, regardless of whether you are building your Network Marketing business Online, or using traditional techniques. As any successful Entrepreneur will tell you, the key to achieving financial freedom in any business is by leveraging your personal time and efforts, putting systems or people to work for you.

In this fourth article you will begin to learn how to take your Network Marketing business global using nothing but the Internet! You have probably heard the hype about using the Internet to build your Network Marketing business, but maybe you are unsure where to begin. If so, keep reading:

In 2007 more than 475, 000 people joined the direct sales industry each and every month, resulting in almost 6 million people becoming involved in the industry in that year alone. Current Internet usage statistics suggest that more than 70% of North Americans and 25% of the world’s total population now have access to the Internet. This means 2 things: Firstly, Network Marketing is becoming a massive trend in industry today and secondly, a huge proportion of people around the world are turning to the Internet to simplify everyday activities such as shopping, conducting research, as well as networking and socialising. This is all good news for Internet Network Marketers!

Knowing this, what better place to build your Network Marketing business than on the Internet? Also, Network Marketing is primarily a business of sharing information, both about products and home business opportunities, and the Internet was created for the purpose of sharing information (The Information Super-highway!).

An additional benefit of harnessing the Internet to build your Network Marketing business is that you can leverage your own personal time and efforts. Websites and blogs can be accessed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by anyone around the world and auto responders can be used to stay in regular contact with your site visitors via email.

With this in mind, I recommend setting up a website or blog where you can post generic information about your company’s line of products, or alternatively to discuss the benefits of owning a home business. As long as you keep your website or blog generic, you will not be infringing any of your company’s compliance regulations. You can then direct your visitors to your company website to learn specifics about your products and opportunity.

The next development that I recommend is to incorporate an opt-in page, where your visitors can register to receive an information pack. Again, keep the information pack fairly generic and use it to direct your subscribers to areas of interest on your own site and your company’s site. This enables you to drip feed information to your prospects and gradually creates intrigue and interest, as well as building trust.

There are a number of strategies that you can employ to generate your own free leads and there are also methods that will enable you to earn an income stream from leads who do not decide to join you in your business. One approach used by many successful Network Marketers is the funded proposal system, which is definitely worth researching if you are looking to build a successful business online.

The best part about learning how to build your Network Marketing business Online is that you will not need to start from scratch. Learn from others who have already been where you are now. Aim to follow people who have already made the mistakes and, as a result, have been able to find what really works!