Using Sub-Sellers in Your Network Marketing Business

Network marketing is a product driven business. Money is made when products are sold. The company makes money when products are sold and the distributor makes money when products are sold.

This business is all about selling products and finding new customers to purchase the products.

Sub-sellers are a wonderful way to sell more products to more customers with very little work on your part.

A sub-seller is someone who doesn’t wish to be a distributor for the company but loves the products and uses the products. Over the years I’ve found people with many reasons for not being a distributor. They are afraid of the taxes at the end of the year. They don’t believe their $200 per month is enough to make it worth their while. They don’t have a supportive spouse. There are just numerous reasons why someone might not want to be a distributor.

If someone says no to becoming a distributor, I always offer them the opportunity to sell the products as a non company distributor.

Each month, sub-sellers get new catalogs. Most often ten catalogs are sufficient for them. Often they are taking the catalogs to work only so three might even be enough. The discount given to sub-sellers can vary depending on how much you’re making. You might also want to give them more if they sell more. For example you might want to give them 20% for sales of $250 or less and 25% for sales over $250. Again, depending on how much you make you might offer them 30% for sales over $500.

Over the years, I’ve also offered my sub-sellers any demo products I didn’t want at my discount. This allows me to see the product without having to order them myself. The person buying the product is thrilled to get it at cost so it’s a win-win situation.

I prefer just one check from the person I know so the customers of the sub-seller write her their checks and she then writes me one large check to cover the amount of the order. Or she can give me a credit card and I’ll place the order with her credit card.

If you have just four people selling underneath you and they each sell $250, you’ll consistently have $1000 in sales each and every month. In most companies, this will put you at the top of the commission scale and will qualify you for company incentives. This means that any products you sell will be at the highest commission level.

Try asking a few people if they’d be interested in taking your catalogs to work with them. You may find your business exploding.

Dental Marketing – Basic Principles Lay a Foundation For Results

Marketing is vital to building a successful dental practice. By clearly defining its services and reaching out to the community in targeted ways, a dental practice can create and keep a stable customer base and ensure long-term profitability.

Like all business marketing, dental marketing requires a coherent strategy that will communicate the practice’s mission and services to potential clients. A strategy provides the framework within which the practice can carry out its marketing plan. A goal-oriented plan provides the specific action steps that connect customers and services.

For example: A dental practice sets the goal of increasing its customer base by 20 percent in one year. The marketing strategy is to contact potential clients through referrals, the Internet and direct-mailing. The plan involves establishing incentives for referrals, building a website and creating an effective postcard for mailings. Having goals and a plan to reach them allows the practice to measure its results and respond effectively to a changing marketplace.

The overall marketing mission can be divided into five stages:

Define your goals.
Do your research.
Develop your strategy.
Implement your plan.
Measure your results.
This process allows a dental practice to use its time and money in the most effective ways possible.
SMART principles are useful tools for building a marketing plan. This easy-to-remember acronym refers to goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based. Applying these principles throughout the five-stage process can keep a plan on track and increase its probability for success.

o Be specific in all aspects of your planning and execution. For example: Your goal is to increase the total customer base by 20 percent in one year. Your overall marketing budget is $50,000 and will be spent in three distinct ways: improving referrals, a website upgrade and direct mail.

o Establish measurable goals and measure your results. Vague goals and loose plans can sink your marketing efforts. Being specific when goal-setting allows you to measure your progress. The goal to build the customer base means little without knowing how much you want to build it. A starting point and a goal allow you to assess the effectiveness of your marketing plan and make meaningful adjustments along the way.

o Your goals should be achievable. Market research will assist you in establishing objectives you can reasonably hope to meet. By understanding the competitive landscape and the best methods for reaching out to your community you can establish reasonable expectations for growth. Shooting for goals that cannot be met – doubling your client base in two months, for example – can waste your money and your time.

o Be realistic. An effective dental marketing plan begins with the honest assessment of your services, skills, budget and competition. A dental practice must fit with the needs and demographics of its community; a marketing plan must operate within a budget; and the marketing methods you choose must have the potential to succeed.

o A time-based plan keeps you on track. Specific, achievable and realistic marketing goals should be laid out in a time frame that allows you to measure their effectiveness. Some marketing methods may produce results faster than others. You want to give an approach enough time to produce results, but not so much time that you waste resources on a dead end. For example, a direct-mailing may yield a surge of business, while building a website may build business slowly over a period of time.

These basic principles can set the foundation for a profitable dental marketing strategy and allow the practice to respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions.

A Cheap Marketing Solution for Political Campaigns, Non-Profits, and Small Businesses

Every Door Direct Mail Retail is a USPS cheap and effective direct mail marketing solution for targeting political campaigns, nonprofit organizations and businesses with affordable direct mail services. You can target local area mailings for only $.142 cents for each piece. EDDM Retail is a strategy that produces very high returns on a very small investment. It’s simple and easy to take advantage of this cheap direct mail service offered by your local post office. You don’t need bulk mail permits, mailing lists or address imprinting. You pick the zip codes, city or mile radius and quantity you want delivered. Your message will go to every residential address and business or just residential address in that zip codes, city or mile radius of your choice. 

Political campaigns and small businesses can regionally customize mailings to their ideal demographics at a small fraction of the traditional direct mail marketing costs.

The rules for the USPS service are simple and to your benefit so you will get noticed. The minimum size for each flat piece is 6.25 X 9 inches. You can choose larger standard sizes of 11 X 6.25,11 X 6.25, 8.5 X 11 or an 11 X 17 folded to 8.5 X 11 – all sizes cost the same $.142 cents ea to mail. These large sized postcards can be printed on a heavy postcard stock so they won’t get roughed up in the mail. The maximum weight for each piece is 3.3 oz. That’s more than any of these size full color postcards weigh when printed on medium weight 100 Lb. cover weight, heavy 14 Pt. or even extra heavy 16 Pt postcard stock. You can even mail catalogs, brochures or anything else as long as it meets the EDDM Retail “commercial flat” size and weight requirements. 

These mailbox billboard size cards make your message stand out and get noticed. They are a tremendous value. A 6.25 X 11 full color postcard is 300% larger than a standard 4 X 6 and $.09 cents cheaper. You can bulk mail to all homes and businesses in a mail carrier’s route. Since each zip code has many routes and each route contains about 300-600 homes and businesses, this allows you to reach many for a extremely reasonable cost.

This program is a direct mail marketer’s dream. Pick your zip code, select your best demographics in that zip code and you can map the carrier routes that best fit your target. To make this even easier, the USPS EDDM website will automatically generate the necessary paperwork for the mail clerk at the post office. Even better, you can omit all businesses and mail just to homes with your endorsement to “Local Residential Customer” in the address area of the card so the carrier will omit businesses in their route.

The maximum quantity allowed in the Every Door Direct Mail Retail program is 5,000 a day at any one post office. You can deliver to other post offices as long as you don’t exceed 5,000 to each. This is so the post offices are not overloaded with EDDM mail.

My advice to small and home businesses is don’t try to print your flyers or cards on your home color printer. The required card stock is too thick and will jam or break your printer, and the toner is too expensive considering the quantity you will need to print besides that the quality will be poor compared to many cheap online color printing services. 

The bottom line is that mailing lists are expensive and often not accurate, addressing is expensive and a hassle. Sorting is a pain, and the money you save in postage fees could help pay the rent or mortgage. 

With upcoming elections, EDDM Retail direct mail is a very effective, inexpensive campaign strategy that can be used often to keep voters, contributors and customers up to date and interested. It is perfect because you can use photos and tell your candidate’s story. It also can attract volunteers to help your campaign. The results are easily verifiable when the donation checks roll in and it’s not annoying and intrusive as robocalling. Online campaigning is important but the voter chooses to visit your site or your email never gets read. Ultimately you are preaching to the choir and have very little impact on independent and undecided voters. When you print an attractively designed saturation-mailing piece directed to a researched targeted district, it will be very effective and should produce voters you may not have considered as supporters.

Every Door Direct Mail is perfect for small businesses. It allows small businesses to get an incredible bang for their buck. It’s easy to target different areas and quickly see measurable results from each mailing. With the right offer and call to action, this is a fantastic opportunity to increase business quickly with new and regular customers.